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#JustIn: Watchdog to investigate NamPower, Telecom and MTC

Jo-Maré Duddy
The Namibian Competition Commission (NaCC) has decided to initiate an investigation against NamPower, Telecom Namibia and MTC for alleged exclusive dealings in the dark optic fibre infrastructure.

The NaCC is investigating a possible exclusive “tripartite agreement” entered into by NamPower, Telecom Namibia and MTC on 1 June 2012 for the lease and use of NamPower’s dark optic fibre infrastructure by Telecom and MTC as the “joint operators”, the watchdog said in a statement.

“The agreement allegedly allows Telecom Namibia and MTC the exclusive use of their propositional share of the dark optic fibre infrastructure, for a duration of 10 years from the date of commencement of the agreement,” the NaCC said.

The investigation aims to determine whether the tripartite agreement entered into by the parties amounts to anti-competitive conduct.


Allgemeine Zeitung 2023-03-28

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