Chase, Brinkmann and Rossouw hot again

Triathlon athletes stand their ground
Young Namibians took part in the Nelson Mandela Bay Triathlon in South Africa over the weekend.
Tielman Van Lill
Talented triathlon athlete Nathan Chase yesterday achieved a brilliant third-place finish against much older competitors in Nelson Mandela Bay.

The 14-year-old Chase took part in the super sprint race alongside Fourie Steyn (8th) and Matt-Reece Izaaks (10th), competing in a 400-metre swim in the sea, 10-kilometre cycle and 2.5-kilometre run. Chase finished the race in 34 minutes and four seconds, while Steyn and Izaaks finished in 36:16 and 38:58 respectively.

The winner, Samuel Kuenz (18) from Austria, beat South Africa's Daniel Pappas (33:56) by 34 seconds.

Chase did the worst in the swim and ran out of the sea 46 seconds slower than Kuenz and 14 seconds after Pappas. In the cycling, the Namibian reeled in 18 seconds against Pappas, but again conceded 46 seconds to Kuenz. Kuenz was 1:32 ahead of Chase after the cycle.

However, during the run, Chase opened the taps and gained 44 seconds against Kuenz. Pappas beat the Austrian by 46 seconds in this discipline.

Kuenz was able to successfully defend the lead he had built up in the first two disciplines by ending 42 seconds ahead of Chase and 14 ahead of Pappas. Pappas was really lucky to beat Chase by eight seconds to the finish line.

Swimming a struggle

Although the sea was relatively calm with little or no wind, the Namibians struggled with the swimming session.

Chase said: “I struggled with the swim. I think I didn't warm up enough beforehand. But the water was nice and warm and I really enjoyed it.

"During the cycling, Kuenz was far ahead of me and Pappas. Pappas and I worked together and I was able to gain 18 seconds from Kuenz. During the run, Pappas and I were leading at the front. About 500 metres before the finish line, he managed to accelerate his pace and beat me by two seconds."

Steyn (15) said: "It was a nice competition and I enjoyed the cycling the most. I didn't do too well in the run. As this was only my second super sprint competition, I am happy with my time".

Thirteen-year-old Izaaks added: "I had a good race, it's only the swimming that was a bit difficult. The cycling and running went well. It was only my second competition where we had to swim in the sea and I don't like the salt water at all! However, I am satisfied with my result".


Among the junior women (16 to 19 years), Maja Brinkmann (01:12:59) and Chloe Rossouw (01:15:58) finished tenth and 16th respectively overall in the sprint competition. But Brinkmann takes an excellent fourth and Rossouw a seventh place in the age group seasoned competition.

Both the Namibian girls enjoyed the competition.

Adéle de la Rey, manager of the Namibian team, said: "We are delighted with the two girls' performances, because it was only their second sprint competition and, moreover, against top South African athletes with a lot of experience.

"At the Junior Commonwealth Games, the age group is also 16 to 17 years where Maja and Chloe can qualify. The two are actually more swimmers and only started training for the sprint triathlon in January. So, there is plenty of room for improvement and it's not out of reach for them. They have the talent and potential to taste success."

The Junior Commonwealth Games will be held from 1 August in Port of Spain, Trinidad and Tobago.

Britney Brown of the United States of America (01:05:02) won the junior women’s division, while South Africa's Anika Visser (1:07:01) and Kadence Ribbink (1:08:24) were second and third overall.

The sprint is decided over a 750-metre swim, 20-kilometre cycle and five-kilometre run.

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