28 Mai 2007 | Windhoek

Marvel at Micronamibia

Very few tourists spend more than two or three days in the capital before packing their bags heading on. The city and its immediate surroundings offer many options for excitement, and excursions, that inhabitants enjoy regularly during weekends. In fact, Windhoek's palette of activities and their proxi-
mity make the capital a microcosm of the entire country. Visitors will look long and hard to find something similar elsewhere.

A number of nearby dams offers the opportunity of swimming, fishing, hiking, watching wildlife or taking a relaxing boat ride. Especially the Oanob Dam near Rehoboth, with its luxurious chalets, stands out as a brief, romantic getaway. Game drives across the 6 200 hectare big area as much as boat rides on the spread-out lake and various bird species are fun for the whole family. For further information, contact: tel. +264(0)62-522 370 or www.oanob.com.na.

The Van Bach Dam is a paradise for campers. Water-skiing (unfortunately for club members only), fishing and bird watching are some of the many activities that can be enjoyed here as well. Bookings can be done and information obtained from Namibia Wildlife Resorts, tel.: +264(0)61-236975, email: [email protected]
Famous with city residents is the Avis Dam, just outside Windhoek. Depending on the season, one can even observe flamingos and pelicans here. Located ten minutes from the city centre on the road to the airport, many inhabitants visit the dam to walk their pets, do some horse riding or watch the huge variety of birds which live in the area. Day visits are allowed between 07:00 and 19:00 and the parking lot is secure and supervised. Another nearby dam is the Goreangab Dam near Katutura. Although the quality of the water leaves a lot to be desired, it is a popular hangout among people from the nearby township. Tourists can use the opportunity to visit the Penduka project, where women from the township craft and sell souvenirs. On weekdays, it is possible to watch the artists at work (tel.: +264(0)61-257210, email: [email protected]).
Still considered an insider trip is the Friedenau Dam in the Khomas Hochland. Camping, bird watching, boat rides and hiking paths form part of the excitement on offer here. A special attraction is the fresh water jellyfish, but they can only be seen between the months of November and April. Trevor Torr
can give you further information at: tel.: +264(0)61-8124 4628, email: [email protected]

The Daan Viljoen Park, which is open to day visitors from sunrise until 18:00, also has some inviting walks and offers game drives as well. Expect to see kudu, wildebeest, springbok, oryx, zebra and giraffes on the close to 14000 hectare reservation. Various species of birds also populate the area. The park offers accommodation in the form of modest bungalows along the edge of the dam (www.nwr.com.na).
A number of leisure activities for the more active are offered in close surroundings of Windhoek. The opportunity for archery, mountain- and quad-biking, wandering and team-building exercises presents itself at the Trustco Area at the foot of the Auas Mountains (tel.: +264(0)61-2754 704 or
www.adventure.web.na). Even golfers can't miss out when they tackle the fairways at the Windhoek Country Club. Equipment can be rented for the day. For bookings and information contact: tel. +264(0)61-205 5223 or look it up on the internet at www.wccgolf.com.na.

A taste of what's to come for off-road beginners and those seeking solitude close to the busy city can be experienced on the Okahandja 4 x 4 track. The farms Teufelsbach and Bergquell to the north of Windhoek offer two smaller tracks as well as camp sites. Bookings must be done in advance, as only one party is allowed per tent site (tel. +264(0)62-501912).

For those who'd rather sit back and watch, the farm Okapuka caters exactly for that. Daily game drives and live feeding shows can be attended on the farm north of the city, which sports rhinos and crocodiles as well as the usual Namibian game. That means that you can cross off almost every animal on your check list - and all of it just a few kilometres outside Windhoek's city gates. For further information, contact tel.:
+264(0)61-227 845.

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