30 Oktober 2020 | Tourismus

Faithfully determined

Cinderella Tjihoreko is the administrative officer to the chief operations officer at Namibia Wildlife Resorts (NWR).

Mariselle Stofberg

Cinderella Tjihoreko’s success in her career has shown great perseverance, determination and commitment and speaks towards the power of the right mindset and self-belief.

Having started out as a waitress at the Gross Barmen resort of Namibia Wildlife Resorts (NWR), Tjihoreko believes her free-spirited personality is what enabled her to continuously build on her career and after three years she is now an administrative officer to the chief operations officer at NWR.

As administrative officer, Tjihoreko acts as the point of contact for all employees by supporting and managing their queries. “I prepare regular reports, manage office stock, like expenses and office and camp budgets and organise company records operation wise. I am also responsible for ordering uniforms for every employee who is employed by NWR,” she adds.

Even though Tjihoreko says that school was always a challenge for her, she has never backed down from any challenge. Tjihoreko has shown great perseverance and her career success has shown that your challenges and struggles do not define you.

She hopes to further build on her skillsets and knowledge and will be applying to study in the field of hospitality, tourism and catering as she hopes to host bush catering.

Tjihoreko grew up in the small town of Tsumeb in the northern parts of the country. “Growing up with my father, I always loved cooking, which is something I learned from him. So, a lot of times I would play waitress in the house when we had people over at home.”

Many dream of seeing the endless landmarks and cultural jewels of their countries, but Tjihoreko has been privileged to tour through the whole country and see all the beauty that it has to offer.

“I have hosted the most elite high-ranking officials from all around the world, which has been an absolute highlight of my career. I have also been a part of the five-country tour (KAZA) that included Namibia, Zambia, Zimbabwe, Angola and Botswana.”

Tjihoreko is key to the smooth operations at NWR and with her administrative skills she assists with answering calls, responding to emails and making sure all is running smoothly at the resorts.

“Every day I try to remain positive and I try to keep that positive outlook on life through every part of my day. The positive thinker sees the invisible, feels the intangible and achieves the impossible,” Tjihoreko adds.

With her loveable and joking nature, Tjihoreko ensures that there is never a dull moment whenever she is around. She loves reading, singing and travelling and believes that your failures and mistakes speaks towards your determination to never give up. “Mistakes prove that you will keep trying till your last breath, and with the right mindset they can become successes.”

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