Tsenaye Namushinga, the chief executive officer of Namibian start-up Namcave. Photo Contributed
Tsenaye Namushinga, the chief executive officer of Namibian start-up Namcave. Photo Contributed

Shaping a better Namibia

Spread kindness and be bold
Tsenaye Namushinga, the chief executive officer of Namibian start-up Namcave, believes that learning on the job and taking on as many tasks as possible help him seize possible opportunities quickly. 
Mariud Ngula
Tsenaye Namushinga is the chief executive officer of Namcave, a Namibian retail website that allows the secure trade of local products.

Having grown up in the small town of Omaruru, Namushinga comes from humble beginnings and strives for the betterment of the country.

He is not only dedicated to ensuring his family is well-off but also aspires to contribute to creating a developed and competent nation.

Namushinga believes that if Namibians pool their knowledge and resources to work together towards a singular vision, they can create a better future for the nation.

As the senior developer for Namcave’s software infrastructure, he coordinates his organisation towards a singular vision.

"As a start-up, we face a lot of difficulties; it is thus up to me to keep up morale, find creative solutions to problems, and take full accountability for all our mistakes," Namushinga said.

Learn and adapt

As an accountable individual, Namushinga does not procrastinate or vacillate on tasks, hoping to attain perfection.

He believes in learning on the job while taking on as many tasks as possible.

This, he said, has worked wonders for him so far, as it enables him to seize possible opportunities swiftly. It has also allowed him easy coordination across his entire network when conversing with actual experts, as he is well acquainted with the languages of software development, finance, law, and artificial intelligence.

The heart wants what it wants

Nicknamed 'Duke' by his friends, Namushinga demonstrated his smarts from an early age.

He praised former school principals, Amalia #Goses of Ubasen Primary School and Masasi Gorengecho of Rukonga Vision School, for providing him with wonderful guidance.

His love of computers led to his interest in the pursuit of computer science or engineering after matriculation.

However, at the time, he was advised against pursuing these subjects and warned of their meagre job prospects.

He had always been an obedient child, so he chose medicine, which he left after a year due to his poor performance, and finally went with what his heart had always desired – computer engineering.

Namushinga’s motivation and the coding skills he learned in class led him to build the Namcave website to solve online retail problems in the country, based on a long-held idea.

"I challenge the youth to spread kindness and be bold with their aspirations. It’s better to live a single glorious day as a raging volcano than to exist an entire lifetime as nothing more than a candle flame."

Five fun facts about Namushinga:

1. A true patriot who loves Namibia’s various and diverse cultures.

2. Holds fast to the traditional masculine code of duty to family, honour and integrity

3. A fan of Greek and Egyptian mythology.

4. A sucker for classic men’s fashion.

5. Loves physical exercise.


Allgemeine Zeitung 2023-03-28

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