Herold Gaseb, head forensic investigation officer at the MVA Fund.
Herold Gaseb, head forensic investigation officer at the MVA Fund.

Prioritising workplace safety

Valuing high performance and professionalism at MVA Fund
Rita Kakelo
Herold Gaseb has served the Motor Vehicle Accident Fund (MVA Fund) for 18 consecutive years and currently leads its investigative unit as the head forensic investigation officer.

Gaseb was born in Windhoek but was raised in Otjimbingwe, a settlement in Namibia's Erongo Region, before returning to the capital to begin his formal education at Auas Primary School. In 1986, he matriculated from St Joseph's Roman Catholic High School Döbra. His academic accomplishments include a BTech degree in traffic safety management as well as accident investigation and reconstruction training from the Western Centre for Public Safety in Chicago.

“In addition to these qualifications, I am currently pursuing an honours degree in criminal justice,” he said.

Prior to joining the corporate world in 2004, Gaseb worked as a traffic officer for 15 years, where his responsibilities included, among other things: Enforcing all traffic rules and regulations to ensure a safe traffic environment; controlling traffic during special circumstances (traffic accidents, processions, VIP escorts, etc) as well as ensuring the effective and safe traffic flow; the execution of court duties to assist in the process of justice being served, and the provision of training and education functions.

“The MVA Fund is a professional and high-performing company with great growth and learning opportunities," he said enthusiastically. This, he added, is one of the main reasons he stayed with the company for so long. “While I’ve worked at the MVA Fund for 18 years, I have not felt the years go by. This is because I truly enjoy what I do, and the company also incentivises employee growth on both personal and academic levels.”

He went on to say that the company values diversity, effective communication, accountability, professionalism, trust and mutual respect for all employees. These, he said, are values that are close to his heart.

His current position as head forensic investigation officer entails investigating client allegations of fraud, waste or abuse. He is also responsible for examining and searching for evidence and documents to analyse claims’ overall fact patterns and synthesise the data into a professional report with recommendations.

People and businesses are constantly evolving. When it comes to challenges, Gaseb highlighted that young professionals, in particular, feel compelled to constantly expand, and thus his greatest challenge is keeping up with their ever-changing trends.

“As someone who only has a few years left before I retire, I would say the biggest challenge is keeping up with the trends of my younger colleagues who are the same age as my children," Gaseb said. He is quick to add, however, that he is using this as a learning tool.

Regardless of his retirement in two years, he intends to pursue another career, maybe in education. After retiring from the corporate world, he hopes to become a lecturer.


Allgemeine Zeitung 2023-03-28

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