Karine Siemens, sales manager at Herco MarketingPhoto: Contributed
Karine Siemens, sales manager at Herco MarketingPhoto: Contributed

Mastering the art of hospitality

Karine Siemens shares her love for the hospitality industry and inspires the youth to take charge of their dreams.
Hinauarue Rijatua
In the fast-paced world of commerce, sales managers are the masterminds behind successful business deals. Whether it's building strong client relationships or executing strategic sales plans, these sales managers are the key players in ensuring businesses run as usual, and better! Karine Siemens is no exception to this, being a newly appointed sales manager on trade at Herco Marketing, operating both centrally and at the coast.

Coming from a background in the hospitality industry for several years, Siemens is a seasoned professional, exuding a genuine love for her craft. “I come from the hospitality industry for many years and loved every minute of it.”

Her educational journey in the field began with specialised industry-specific training where she completed her IRM 101 and IRM 102 sales diploma, John Maxwell leadership, development courses, and wine studies. This enabled her to have vast, extensive knowledge in the field in order to achieve professional growth.

Her career is centered around the intricacies of wine menus, training as well as instilling product and customer knowledge. “It’s all about the finer details of wine menus. In essence, we strive to bring the best product range to enhance the customer experience.”

In this career choice, her mission is clear: To curate the best portfolio of products in order to give an overall better look and feel for potential clients, enhancing their experience.

Siemens strives to deliver excellence in the hospitality industry. When it comes to challenges she has faced in her career, she narrated that she always took them head-on with a brave face and instead of succumbing or giving up, she viewed them as opportunities to try again and succeed. She added: “I do not see challenges, rather stepping stones to achieve the best. In achieving this, they become your best accomplishments".

When it comes to office life, Siemens describes a typical day with her as a one filled with opportunities, tough decision-making as well as extremely swift execution. She remains proactive at all times and lives by the principle that states: 'Never wait for tomorrow, as tomorrow has new opportunities'.

According to her, her main source of inspiration is life itself. "Life inspires me, every morning, new and afresh.” What sets her apart is her eye for the finer details, as well as the history and art behind each product she pushes. She is dedicated to perfecting each product, even for hours, before it reaches the consumer.

Siemens' advice to individuals who want to follow the same career path is brief but incredibly significant: “Reach for the stars, believe you can achieve".

She envisions her future as a one of continuous learning as well as self-improvement. She would like to acquire more knowledge in her field as well as elevate every aspect of her career.


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