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The Zone team visited the Hennie de Waal Sports Festival to ask participants to share their views on the return of the festival.
Uzuvira Kazapua

I feel like it went well as the captain of the under-17 netball team. The games went well, and there was a lot to learn. We kept pushing even when our team was pulled down; we pushed until the end, as we had set our minds to do so at the beginning of the games.

Iris Mohamed

Playing at Hennie de Waal was really great; our team was doing amazing, and watching other teams play helped us gather a few necessary skills to do well in games to come. Additionally, it is a tough competition, but there is a lot to learn from it for future use.

Atushe Nafele

The Hennie de Waal festival went well, and we did better than I expected as the teams that were here were rather easy to beat. This festival has prepared us for the Hopsol League, as well as helped us get our fitness levels up.

Kistings Minyoi

The games that we played were very intense, especially those with strong teams such as Rehoboth; however, we managed to win those. These games have prepared us for the league to come.

Arenzo Izaacs

It was a good game that helped us structure how we will play in the league. We also saw where our mistakes are and what we need to fix in order to do well in the league. The Hennie de Waal was really one great learning experience.

Zachery Eiman

It is great to see that the festival is back since 2019, and I am excited to see that the learners are having fun and the team is doing amazing. This year was an upgrade from 2019 as there were more schools with teams participating in the festival.


Allgemeine Zeitung 2023-06-06

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