DHPS cultural photo
DHPS cultural photo

DHPS showcases cultural diversity

DHPresS editorial team
Our school is a melting pot with a variety of learners from all over the world, each with their own experiences and perspectives to share in the classroom. For instance, you may find learners from Germany, Ethiopia, the United Kingdom and many other countries. The cultural diversity here at DHPS extends not only to international learners, but also to locals from various ethnic groups, religions and tribes.

Our school community benefits from the richness of this diversity by allowing us to learn about different cultures, beliefs and ways of life, which broadens our understanding of the world. It also allows us to make new friends and gain valuable insights and experiences that we would not have had otherwise.

It is critical to establish an atmosphere of respect, tolerance and understanding in our diverse school environment. This is accomplished by events like the cultural day on 16 March, and by encouraging open and honest dialogues between learners and staff.

Speaking of open dialogues, some of our learners were kind enough to accept an interview with us.

What are your first impressions of DHPS and the local community?

Artem (grade 10), Russian

They are very friendly and I'm happy that the people were very open.

Naoli (grade 11), Ethiopian and Eritrean

Not good at first, but later I got used to the place.

Lilian Gong (grade 10), German, Chinese, Namibian

I found the people very open-minded and kind.

What do you think are the biggest differences between Namibia and the country you are from?

Chintu (Zambia):

Zambia has fewer buildings and more land than Namibia.

Olivia (German Namibian):

I love Namibia because it has a lot of places to go to and the food is delicious.

What cultural customs or traditions have you observed in your new environment that are different from your own?

Artem (grade 10), Russian:

I didn’t think about it. I'm used to seeing different cultures.

Rosa (grade 11) German:

Namibians have shown me that family is the first priority.


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