Amazing Kids Private School and Academy celebrates sport

Kenny T Nyatsine
The Amazing Kids Private School and Academy (AKPSA) is a school that not only offers academics but also sports to promote wellness and fitness. The school allows each child to participate in any sport of their choice, as well as a variety of sports.

Tennis, soccer, hockey, volleyball, basketball, and other sports are available at the institution. The learners began the year with inter-house athletics practice, in which three teams are involved: the Great Lions, the Mighty Cheaters, and the Lazy Leopards, who lose every year but hope to see a difference in 2023 because the year has only just begun and greater and better things await them.

Benefits galore

Sport offers many benefits, such as the fact that many athletes excel academically. Sporting needs a significant amount of time and work. Some may believe that this may distract student-athletes from their studies. However, the inverse is true.

Sports necessitate memorisation, repetition, and learning – all of which are directly applicable to classwork. Furthermore, the determination and goal-setting skills required for sports can be applied to the classroom. Sport fosters teamwork and problem-solving abilities.

Sport improves self-esteem. Seeing your hard efforts pay off and attaining your goals boosts your confidence. Achieving a sport or fitness goal motivates you to pursue other ambitions. This is a fascinating and gratifying learning experience.

Off to a good start

The official date for the sports day is Friday, 27 January and all of the students are enthusiastic and looking forward to the event. Inter-house athletics does not stop there; it also extends to the zones, where the best of the best can demonstrate their abilities.

Learners who surpass others will advance to regionals, which will only happen if you are lucky. Some students are selected to join the Namibian team, known as the Land of the Brave. Not everyone is gifted academically, but they may be meant to be future athletes. AKPSA invites individuals who wish to be a part of the fantastic kids' family to join them since you will never feel alone.


Allgemeine Zeitung 2023-02-08

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