The Grenadier is here

Dedicated to conquer the outdoors
Purpose-built off-roader makes its Namibian debut.
Augetto Graig
Purpose built by 4x4 off-roading enthusiasts and imported into Namibia after being designed in England, manufactured in Germany, shipped to Durban and trucked to the land of the brave. The Ineos Grenadier is here. After five years of development Ineos brings us an embodiment of rough and ready prowess set to take on all that Namibia bushveld has to offer.

In Namibia we know gravel roads, gravel tracks and gravel paths that can test the bravest of drivers, but if you want to get to the most remote of our endless variety of beautiful locations, the all new Grenadier will get you there.

From first sight this automobile impresses with its solid lines and bulky frame, hinting at the power that lies under the bonnet. The BFGoodrich KO2 all terrain tires that come factory fitted only add to the musclebound look of the vehicle. The BMW straight six, three litre, twin-turbo diesel engine ensures that looks match ability. The Grenadier also comes in a petrol version.

“It will not disappoint,” says Tersius Joubert, who is eager to welcome anyone interested to their brand new showroom behind Auas Valley shopping centre in the capital. Coupled with a ZF 8 speed automatic transmission, putting that power into practice could not be simpler

One of his favourite features to demonstrate in this awesome motor vehicle is the roof mounted instrument panel in the cabin. Reminiscent of the style used in helicopter cockpits, the instrument panel allows the driver to control the front and rear differentials, turn off-road mode on and off, engage traction control and downhill assist as well as to push the wading button with which the Granedier can tackle water to depth of 800mm without a hitch. The pitch of the spotlights built into the grill can also be adjusted there while interior lighting and airbags can be switched on and off at the flick of a button. Activating the winch or the second battery system is just as easy.

Typically of the design approach of the Grenadier, the speedometer is placed in the centre of the front display, allowing drivers to see exactly where their front wheels are. The switches to alternative between high range and low range and to activate the centre diff-lock are also on the front centre console. Also the touch screen functions are duplicated for use with the wheel knob in the centre console in case the driver needs to keep his gloves on.

In the back in plenty of space, accessible through the 30% rear door for quick deposits of gear. Alternatively open the rear doors all the way and get full access to the boot-space thanks to design that allows the rear doors to open the entire width of the automobile, for bigger loads. Passengers in the rear seats enjoy all of the leather comfort as well as the convenience of USB ports fitting with the air-conditioning outlets.

Storage space is amply provided for, including in the rear mounted spare wheel cover which has a built in compartment perfect for dirty items like tow-ropes or soiled gloves. This is lockable and dusty proof. A standard emergency medical aid kit is also built into the rear door.

The base model Grenadier will cost you from N$1,6 million, while optional extras can push the price up to about N$1,8 million. Extras like the safari-windows in the roof allow for wildlife photography without have to exit the vehicle as the front passengers and simply stand up through the open windows and click away. The Grenadier is built ready for customisation, as seen with the slots ready-made for the addition of a snorkel without the need to drill any extra holes.

A rock-slider side step or roof mounted cargo rails are among extras new owners can ask for direct from the factory. There can be no doubt that the ultimate in adventure off-roading has come home to Namibia and for the true wild and free off-road enthusiasts the good news is clear: The Grenadier is here!


Allgemeine Zeitung 2023-02-08

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