Home Sweet Home: The journey of buying and selling

Preparation is key
For those taking their first steps into home ownership, financial planning is crucial.
Jemimah Ndebele
In the realm of real estate, where dreams of finding the perfect home come to life, Aina Sheya stands as a beacon of guidance and expertise. In a recent interview, Sheya generously shared her wealth of knowledge, offering valuable advice to both first-time homebuyers and property sellers. With a focus on low- and middle-income clients, Sheya's expertise and personalised approach have earned her a trusted name in the industry. Her dedication to guiding clients through the complex process of purchasing or selling a home ensures that their property dreams become a reality.

Tips for first-time buyers:

For those taking their first steps into home ownership, Sheya stressed the importance of early financial planning. Saving becomes a crucial aspect of the journey, as purchasing a home often requires a deposit, even when financing is sought through a bank. Sheya advised potential buyers to start saving as soon as the thought of buying a home arises, as this will prompt action and preparation.

"Second thing, go to the bank, preferably the bank where your salary goes, and ask them to provide you with a pre-approval. This is a document that tells you how much you qualify for to purchase a house through the bank. That way you have an idea of how much you will spend, and that way you can start looking for the house you wish to buy," she advised.

Matching properties with clients:

Sheya's approach to matching properties with clients revolves around two essential factors: financial ability and lifestyle preference. Understanding the client's financial capacity is vital, with Sheya often relying on pre-approvals or preferred purchase budgets to determine a suitable price range. Additionally, she takes the time to delve into their lifestyle, preferences and needs. By asking pertinent questions, such as the client's desired level of luxury, preference for modern aesthetics, specific location requirements, proximity to schools or workplaces, and other relevant considerations, Sheya ensures she provides tailored options.

Enhancing property appeal for sellers:

When it comes to selling properties, Sheya offered invaluable advice on making them more attractive to potential buyers. She emphasised the significance of cleanliness, urging homeowners to ensure their houses are thoroughly cleaned before viewings. Sheya also suggested addressing any necessary repairs, such as filling cracks and repainting surfaces, to give the property a fresh and inviting look.

Fixing broken items like door handles is essential for creating a favourable impression.

"Just make sure it is nice and spacious. And when people come for a viewing, make sure you open the curtains so that there is a circulation of fresh air and natural light. Oh, and before I forget, pets – not everyone that comes for viewing is fond of pets, so keep them away during viewings so that they do not pester people unnecessarily, as this could affect your chances of selling the property. Just make it presentable. Presentation is key," Sheya underlined.

Communication channels:

Sheya primarily focuses on properties ranging from N$3.5 million downward, catering to low- and middle-income clients. However, she is also capable of handling higher-value properties for those seeking a more luxurious home. Interested individuals can explore a wide range of listings on her website, www.ainasheya.com, where properties are available from N$800 000 to N$3.2 million. For further inquiries or to get in touch, prospective clients can find Aina Sheya Properties on various social media platforms, ensuring seamless and accessible communication.


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