Setting your career world on fire

Expanding your work horizons
If you want to get the most out of the hours you put in at work, you must manage your career. You will most certainly work 40 hours per week for the rest of your adult life, and by efficiently managing your job, you can make the most of those 40 hours.
In this article we are going to unfold how work horizons are expanded of two people who are in different career paths.
Amanda Mungunda, a teacher, shares how she broadens her career on a daily basis. She advises that one can broaden your horizons by approaching your profession with the mindset that it is a lifelong learning experience and avoiding being stuck in your comfort zone by sticking to your daily routine. “Be the catalyst for new ideas in your job; rather than identifying a problem and waiting for someone else to fix it, solve it yourself.”
She says one should not be scared to take on a duty that management has assigned to you as the management sees potential in you and this might be another step toward spreading your wings.
While being promoted might be a good way to broaden your professional horizons, she advises being cautious and not being too hard on yourself when learning new techniques. You will quickly complement what the system already has in place by doing so. "Rather than trying to be the new kid on the block and radically overhaul the system, complement what is currently in place."
Mungunda taught at Windhoek Technical High School for seven years before being elevated to head of department at Jan Mohr Secondary School, where she is now a grade 10 mathematics teacher.
The notion of BIG is what she lives by, with the B representing the books she reads, the I representing the people she associates with, and the G representing the goals she sets for herself.
She adds that one of the things to remember is how others react to you. "To be in a leadership position, you must have people skills and be able to accept people with varied personalities." She believes that going above in your job should not be limited by your position.
“People should not be satisfied with their current situation, but rather have an attitude of curiosity and a desire to accomplish more since you will undoubtedly learn something new in the process."
For Rika de Almeida, a freelance marketer for more than five years, travel is a key indicator of expansion. Her job horizons are broadened by being open-minded and sticking to the basics in her professional life.
"Seeing the difference from one place to the next and noting that demands are so varied, yet so the same, no matter what is what broadens me.”
De Almeida's career advancement is influenced by “every no, difficulty, and difference” she encounters on a daily basis. "This motivates me to keep pushing myself."

Here are other ways you can expand your horizons
Identify your areas of life where you have become complacent
This will help you by becoming more active in those areas as you will subconsciously be working on it on a daily basis.
Recognise the obstacles that are preventing you from achieving your goals.
Once you have identified what is encircling you, you can try to break free. Tell yourself positive affirmations that will empower you before starting a new project.
Pursue Opportunities with enthusiasm
Chasing possibilities that connect with your passions is another approach to broaden your horizons and push for new horizons. Because life is so short, everything we do should ideally excite or delight us.
If you are feeling stuck or dissatisfied with your job, think about why you got into it in the first place. If it still piques your interest, devise a strategy for pursuing fresh prospects.
Consider the value of your time and money.
It is crucial to remember how much effort and money goes into broadening your horizons. Because we only have 24 hours in a day, how we choose to spend them is crucial. When you think about the new experiences you want to have, evaluate what the payback or benefit will be.
Develop Relationships That Will Help You Advance
Developing uplifting interactions might help you broaden your horizons by broadening your knowledge and mentality. Every person you meet will have their own viewpoints and perspectives on life. Finding friends that lift you up is crucial to live a happy life.


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