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Award-winning chef embraces change
Look no further for exclusive catering to a home-cooked meal.
Gerine Hoff
Hantie Jansen needs no introduction to local food circles, and with her new brand – Sage by Hantie – as well as their new location, things are looking rosy.

Speaking to Hantie, who together with her husband Ernst previously owned the Bauernstube restaurant, she said that they had come to the end of an era. "We had Bauernstube for 15 years and it was time for us to move on and take on new challenges. I'm not great with dealing with change, but it was the best thing we could have done."

She said their business is now housed in the Auas Hills Retirement Village which boasts a huge kitchen. "It's wonderful, spacious and modern. To boot, we have a small coffee shop, we serve small meals along with cake and coffee, and all served with a smile."

But what the new space allows, is for Hantie to focus on her catering. "It's full steam ahead; there are no other distractions and we're loving every moment!"

Recently, Hantie and her team were responsible for the catering at State House during the visit of American First Lady, Jill Biden. "We served our local chicken as well as my father-in-law's tomatoes and pumpkins!"

Food trends

Looking back, Hantie says that the local culinary industry has changed tremendously over the last 15 years. "Back when we started, you had to contact your large suppliers and producers. Now you can simply call the person growing their own pumpkins, or the woman who grows her own micro herbs, or the oyster mushroom farm. It all looks so pretty, it tastes delicious and it's fresh."

In terms of trends, she feels that people are going back to foods ‘roots’. "Simple and tasty dishes, not because of all kinds of garnishes. Foods that you grew up with and that provide comfort, that's my feeling."

To experience Hantie's food first-hand, you can order your catering needs directly from her, look out for her prepared meals at a variety of stores, or you can book a space to enjoy lunch fresh from their every first Sunday of the month. "We started with 30 guests, but with our last lunch, I had to cut reservations off at 87. I simply don't have any more space! We really just serve delicious home-cooked meals."

Contact Hantie for all your catering needs, no matter the size (she has catered for up to 1 500 people already!) or your food preferences, be it corporate, for a bridal shower or just because, at [email protected] or 081 256 3796, follow Hantie on Instagram or Facebook, or visit Sage by Hantie at the Auas Hills Retirement Village.


Allgemeine Zeitung 2023-06-07

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