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Celebrating a decade this year
With support from her late husband, Elna Louw opened Doilies 10 years ago on 7 June 2013.
Precious Nghitaunapo
Doilies Wool ’n Things offers comfort and assistance with every sale. The shop which is particularly known for its extensive collection of wool was begun by Louw as a hobby that she already really enjoyed from her childhood. The name Doilies is derived from the small, round mandalas that the older generation crocheted with lots of beads to put on a milk jug or sugar bowl so that nothing can fall into it.

Doilies carry a comprehensive range of wool, knitting and crocheting supplies. The shop also offers numerous tools and gadgets used in the knitting and crocheting processes, which include various sizes of knitting needles, crochet hooks, looms and patterns, and tools to use in making creative art pieces with wool.

Despite Doilies generally being known for its diverse and ample supply of haberdashery, they have a small fabric division with only 100% cotton fabrics, mainly for patchwork, even though people use it for creating and designing baby clothes and other décor items too.

Louw shares that the fabric division at Doilies is especially well-known amongst the Nama community who flock there for the 100% cotton material they use for their patchwork Nama dresses.

Apart from its significant stock, Doilies is known for its weekly specials and an influx of new items catering to the different seasons of the year. Constant imports from South African suppliers keeps Doilies up to date with the latest trends and fashions and guarantees good quality. Additionally, a passion for colour and creating beautiful items along with support and assistance, has grown Doilies into the renowned wool shop that it is today.

For most ladies, Doilies is more than just a wool shop, it’s a place where they also come in to engage in casual conversations thanks to the warm and friendly environment of the shop. “Our main purpose is to help people, to help themselves be happy,” Louw says.


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