Metro Cash & Carry managing director, Bryan Davis.
Metro Cash & Carry managing director, Bryan Davis.

Metro Cash and Carry in Namibia: A decade of growth and service

27 stores at your service
With a variety of products to cater for everyone's pocket, you will find the best deals at the most affordable prices here.
Jemimah Ndebele
In a dynamic and evolving market, Metro Cash and Carry, under the astute leadership of managing director Bryan Davis, has emerged as a stalwart in Namibia's retail landscape.

Founded a decade ago through the acquisition of the Metro Group by Botswana's Sefalana Group, Metro Cash and Carry has since flourished, becoming a household name synonymous with quality and convenience across Namibia.

"We only exist in Namibia," Davis affirmed, emphasising the brand's singular focus on the Namibian market. With 27 stores strategically positioned from the northern reaches of Katima Mulilo to the southern town of Lüderitz, Metro Cash and Carry boasts an extensive reach, serving communities large and small throughout the country.

A hallmark of Metro Cash and Carry's success lies in its hybrid business model, seamlessly integrating both retail and wholesale operations under one roof.

Davis explained, "We are essentially a hybrid business which means that we do both retailing and wholesaling under one roof out of most of our outlets and we have one big store which is the hyper store in Kleine Kuppe.

“Under one roof there we have various offerings, for example, the Metro Fresh store, the Liquor store, the Metro Home store and the Metro Hyper itself. So that is a full-on one-stop-shop that offers a wide variety of goods to our clients. For the rest, we have evolved into a hybrid business where we are able to do business with most Namibians, whether they be traders, whether they be individuals or whether they may be businesses – we are able to cater for them."

This unique approach not only simplifies your shopping experience but also underscores Metro's commitment to inclusivity and accessibility.

Central to Metro's customer-centric ethos is its array of value-added services. From the widely supported rewards card program boasting close to 300 000 active users to convenient lay-buy options and personalized order placements, Metro Cash and Carry goes above and beyond to meet the diverse needs of its clientele.

"We are very blessed to be able to service virtually every Namibian in some way or another," Davis said, highlighting Metro's pivotal role in supporting both large-scale enterprises and individual traders alike. Moreover, with a workforce now numbering over 1 600, Metro Cash and Carry is not only a key economic player but also a vital source of employment and professional development opportunities in Namibia.

Looking ahead, Davis acknowledged the imperative of continuous growth and adaptation in a rapidly changing market landscape. "If you stand still, then you die," he remarked, underscoring Metro's proactive stance towards innovation and expansion.

From capitalizing on emerging trends in home decor spurred by the Covid-19 pandemic to enhancing efficiencies and optimizing customer value, Metro Cash and Carry remains steadfast in its commitment to excellence.


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