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Visit one of the largest independent wall and floor tile distributors in Southern Africa.
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Founded in 1910 and established in 1922, Union Tiles (Pty) Ltd is a multifaceted wall and floor tile firm offering a wide range of goods and services to finish your residential or commercial project.

The South African-born company continues to be one of the major tile suppliers with branches in most Southern African countries.

Offering the widest selection of floor and wall tiles available in the nation in either ceramic, porcelain or natural stone, Union Tiles Namibia officially opened in September 2009, with a second branch in Swakopmund. The company is supported by a team of six sales representatives, a cashier, and the managing department with Vivienne Vilbert as the general manager for Union Tiles Windhoek, along with workforce at the back that assists with the loading of tiles.


The latest trends and advancements in the tile, wall and floor décor industries are extremely important to Union Tiles, who take pride in carrying the most recent tile trends from all over.

Natural stone, by definition, retains a quality that other synthetic or partially manufactured items do not. As with most things in life, the newest fashion trends and aesthetic value of wall and floor finishes occasionally affect our decisions. You would need to be familiar with the corporate image of the brand, the lighting in the area to be tiled, and the hardness of the surface for corporate purposes.

The sales staff at Union Tiles is skilled in helping customers choose the right items to produce the desired results.

According to Vivienne Vilbert, “we are the biggest supplier of natural stone which includes marble, granite, slate, limestone, sandstone and quartzite. We have a large variety, so you can get it in a slab form for your countertops or you can get it in tiles or in mosaic or even in basins or baths, including a solid lava bath which is quite amazing to see.”

Variety is key

Apart from that, a large selection of normal tiles, in varieties of porcelains, ceramics, glass and aluminium, are on display catering to all clients.

A variety of sanitary ware, paint and tools, used during the tiling process, can be found in-store and on offer.

“We also have cementitious flooring, which is seamless flooring, if you don't want any joints in your tiled floors. Due to space limitations, not everything is displayed in our showroom that Union Tiles can provide, however, you are more than welcome to visit our website, and we can order it,” Vilbert says.

Most products are imported from South Africa and purchased overseas, while tile adhesives and grout manufactured in Namibia, are also available.


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