10 Mai 2019 | Gesellschaft

Sat-Com reaches for global market

Having been in business for 28 years, Sat-Com Namibia aims to magnify the research and development of the high-tech communication devices they design and produce, as well as increase human capital.

Ester Kamati

Sat-Com (Pty) Ltd was established in 1991 with the aim of continuously gaining market share in the highly competitive global military high-tech radio communication environment. The company designs and manufactures sophisticated radio communication devices which have high international sale potential. Economic growth, unemployment reduction, skills transfer, education and training, and ultimately poverty alleviation in the country, are high areas that can be improved by the company’s international sales, and thus is part of their aims.

With a firm belief in multicultural equal opportunity provision, Sat-Com is currently staffed by 40 employees who all make valuable contributions towards the betterment of the company. This company is not a commercial business entity that deals with the public. Their unique products are aimed at international military markets, ultimately meaning they would only have one customer per country.

For their international markets, Sat-Com has two full-time marketing professionals who travel the world, showcasing their products at exhibitions and to customers, along with professional agents in various countries who offer their clients technical support and training. The private limited company often requests the opportunity to do demonstrations in a respective country, when contacted by a potential client in that area.

The company is 100% Namibian-owned and designs state-of-the-art, sought-after military communication products.

It designs and implements turnkey communication and electronic solutions for defence industries across the globe. Most of their advanced product offerings are unique in the global marketplace. Huge progress has been made by the research and development team in the design and production of world-class communication systems.

The company’s biggest pride is their multi-brand radio systems, which they built from scratch in their in-house state-of-the-art manufacturing plant. These multi-role radios allow operators to communicate with any other airborne radios or those on land or in the sea, for ultimate mission flexibility. The brand of radios include the Leopard1, which is a compact, rugged and lightweight wideband military manpack radio. The Africal 2 is a dual power amplifier and the Cheetah 3 is a rugged and compact lightweight manpack radio. These all offer uncompromised communication for tactical missions.

Set-Com’s long-term goal is to continue research and development activities, as well grow their human capital. The pride of the team of employees at the firm lies mainly in the products they have designed and manufactured, as well as the uniqueness of this business type.

Currently, the biggest problem facing Sat-Com is the economic and financial downturn, as well as instability in the global market. The scale of growth of the military sector was mainly due to demand created by government, which makes them a key factor in this market. Considering that a large part of the business is dependent on government contracts, makes the company very vulnerable to extreme and sudden changes in government expenditure.

The communication device manufacturers maintain strong connections with their clients by delivering innovative and cutting-edge products. They rely strongly on the in-house development of their products, from the concept to the final product. This process is carefully carried out by a team of product designers, software engineers, system designers, mechanical/electrical engineers and a hardworking mechanical team, which uses laser cutters, milling machines as well as power-coating machines to produce their flagship products in-house.

Their production team makes sure that customer requirements are met and that all tasks are executed diligently and professionally. Lastly, the dedicated sales and marketing team excels at professional and friendly customer service and travels worldwide to promote the products. Furthermore, the finance and administration team guarantees skilled organisation among employees and the entire company.

Sat-Com prides itself on employing self-motivated, professional engineers, supported by a dedicated manufacturing team. In addition to that, opportunities for growth are offered in the company, which also motivates its employees to pursue and further their education.

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