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Pupkewitz Megabuild Graduate Programme 2021

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Are you a young and vibrant graduating student ready to start the next chapter of your life?

History of the programme

Pupkewitz Megabuild believes in developing talent and enabling people to reach their best potential possible. Various training and development initiatives are implemented within the company to develop the organisation to remain competitive in the Namibian market. The Graduate Programme is one of those initiatives where Pupkewitz Megabuild believes that the key to organisational success lies within empowering its staff and in the development of the nation.

The Graduate Programme initiative came from the notion to support newly graduated students to gain work experience which will serve as an additional advantage for furthering their careers. Furthermore, the company believes that the Namibian youth shows a lot of potential and is happy to invite them to join the organisation to make a positive change.

The first intake to the Graduate Programme took place in 2019 and the second one in 2020. In total, the company has had 29 graduates in the past two years, where 18 are still employed by Megabuild. The candidates were selected based on various elements, such as their field of study, exceptional results achieved, and attitude towards building a career.

The programme aims to create an experience where all graduates have the opportunity to add value to their career lives. Thus, the programme was designed to accommodate the candidates in the areas specific to their field of study. Successful graduates are placed in various positions, i.e. in fleet management, operations, IT, marketing, tendering and sales departments. The programme does not only offer employment and experience, but also a platform where young professionals can network and grow their contacts.

The 2021 Graduate Programme

The programme is six months long and will start in February 2021 until July 2021. Graduates are placed in departments and branches across Namibia, meaning that graduates can apply to be part of the programme and still do it in their hometown, if there is a Megabuild branch. Graduates who show hard work, dedication, commitment, and a great attitude might be offered a permanent position at Megabuild.

The programme is designed to recruit talented young professionals and place them in a position where they will be able to apply their theoretical knowledge in a practical environment. A structured programme will be followed with all graduates, with various training sessions (ranging from formal in-house training, on-the-job training and follow-up meetings), to ensure they fit into the Megabuild company culture and are supplied with all necessary tools to make a great success of their journey with Megabuild.

Who are we looking for:

• Between 21 and 25 years old

• Degree related to fields within the business fraternity/profession

• Students completing their studies by the end of 2020

• Keen interest in the retail and construction industries

• Adventurous, energetic and passionate

• Enthusiastic and confident with excellent communication skills

• Dynamic and innovative

• Positive attitude and fast learner

• Strong ethics and good character

• Great interpersonal skills.

Pupkewitz Megabuild offers:

• Free training

• Monthly allowances

• Six months’ on-the-job experience in a building merchant environment

• The possibility of permanent employment

• Learning opportunities across Namibia: Apply for a position in your preferred town.

Applications are open from 2 November – 15 November 2020.

For more information and to apply please visit:


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