23 Februar 2021 | Geschäft

Paratus welcomes Demshi in subsea cable project


The Cable Landing Station (CLS) houses the mission critical transmission equipment that will, in layman’s terms, convert the seabed equipment to land-based equipment.

A typical undersea cable has repeater stations every 80kms along the route, that requires power to be provided. Every CLS established along the route of the cable is capable of delivering enough power to carry the entire cable route, to mitigate potential risks where power might fail in a specific region. Approximately 5000 watts, enough to power a typical 3-bedroom house. The CLS further houses backup power equipment, such as A/B generator feeds.

The Paratus landing station will host the Equiano undersea cable system transmission equipment, which includes the Power Feeding Equipment (PFE) as well as the Submarine Line Terminal Equipment (SLTE). The Paratus landing station will also host cabinets where operators will be able to host their equipment, accessing the Equiano capacity purchased from within the landing station. This will be an open-access network station, with no restrictions as to who can gain access to the capacity, as long as they are registered and licensed operators with the regulatory authority (CRAN).

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