17 Mai 2019 | Veranstaltungen

Omuhoko Trust invests in youth

Twenty-three high school learners from Windhoek attended a weeklong accounting and mathematics course at PwC to improve their grades.

Evany van Wyk

The Omuhoko Trust to which all PricewaterhouseCoopers employees contribute to on a monthly basis, and whose contributions the firm matches, wanted to contribute to the development of young Namibians through a leadership programme.

This has resulted in learners being mentored through the PwC ALIVE programme. ALIVE stands for academics, leadership, innovation and inspiration, vision and excellence.

The planning for the ALIVE programme started a few months ago and it officially commenced on 6 May. It is focused on helping learners from different schools in Windhoek improve their mathematics and accounting marks by providing curriculum-focused classes.

On 10 May, 23 learners received their certificates of completion at the PwC headquarters in Windhoek.

Omuhoko Trust spokesperson Lisa Matomola had the honour of welcoming the guests at the graduation. She made everyone feel welcome with her friendliness.

At PwC their goal is to make a difference in the communities they work in, by sharing their time and knowledge.

One of the graduates, Lunza Ndala, who is a grade 12 learner at Windhoek High School, told The Zone about her experience during the summer school.

According to her the best part of the ALIVE programme was the study techniques that they were taught.

“The ways of how to summarise your work, like using mind maps, were made so much clearer,” says Ndala.

This helped her realise the importance of goalsetting in order to focus all one’s energy on becoming a successful, well-rounded person.

The learners also had the honour of having professionals from different departments address them during the course of the programme.

A grade 12 learner from Hochland High School, Tjipee Katjinaani, told The Zone about the most important thing she learnt during the programme. “I have definitely learned a lot about decision- making and what it takes to actually choose a career path,” Katjinaani said.

The learners sacrificed some of their holiday time to be able to attend the course. They now seem more than ready to start their second term with their newfound knowledge of accounting and mathematics.

Senior education officer in Khomas, Mabeline Izaks, shared her thoughts on the programme. According to her this initiative was a great idea on the part of PwC.

“Not all our learners are fortunate to have such opportunities and PwC made it possible for them,” said Izaks.

Omuhoko Trust committee member, Jacques van Zyl, said: “We felt the need to invest in the youth of today, for the wellbeing of the Namibia of tomorrow.”

Going forward, PwC aims to run the ALIVE programme on an annual basis, and aims to attract learners from different schools across the country.

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