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Let's work together and solve important problems

PwC Namibia and NUST have partnered to train those at tertiary level on what it takes to be a professional in the workplace.

I have found that the rhythm between hard work and educational qualifications bears the fruits for a successful career. – Chantell Husselmann, Tax leader: PwC Namibia

Chantell Husselmann - The PwC Business School has started the year 2020 on a high note with a special occasion that marks the first of its kind for PwC Namibia, symbolising the formation of unity between the educational sector and the private sector in Namibia.

This is a unity unity whereby the PwC Namibia Business School takes hands with the Namibia University of Science and Technology (NUST), in order to narrow the gap between theoretical knowledge and practical experience required in the workplace.

The late Nelson Mandela once said “education remains the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world”.


At PwC, we strive to continuously make a difference and our PwC Business School provides a platform for our in-house professionals to invest their knowledge and experience to equip and develop professionals in the Namibian society.

The PwC Business School has been operational for the past seven years and we take pride in having experienced numerous pivotal moments in the training industry that have reinforced our believe that training is and remains an important investment that organisations can make towards their human capital in the continued strive towards business excellence.

With the dire situation currently being faced by our Namibian economy in relation to graduates being unemployed, largely due to a lack of professional skills required in the workplace, the reality for most of our graduates is that accountants are appointed in administrative positions, human science graduates are employed as receptionists … and so the list continues.

Successful contribution

Over the years, I have found that the rhythm between hard work and educational qualifications bears the fruits for a successful career.

With this joint business relationship we aim to train those at tertiary level on what it takes to be a professional in the workplace and to also train those in the workplace on re-imagining the possibilities of advancing their qualifications.

We believe that the joint business relationship of the PwC Business School and NUST can make a successful contribution towards skills enhancement and lead to an accelerated uptake of local graduates in the Namibian workforce.

Chantell Husselmann is the Business School and tax leader at PwC Namibia. Contact her at [email protected]

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