04 Dezember 2018 | Energie

Less time at the pump, more fun on the road

Reduce fuel consumption

Due to increasing crude oil prices and exchange rate depreciation, Namibians now pay record prices for fuel at filling stations. These increases place even greater financial stress on already-burdened consumers.

Scott Seed, Fiat and Fiat Professional Brand Manager at FCA South Africa, encourages motorists to remember the following to help reduce their vehicle’s fuel consumption.

• Don’t be a drag: Various things may cause or increase drag, which in turn will negatively impact the fuel economy of your vehicle. These include driving with the windows open and attaching carriers or bikes to the roof. To decrease drag, keep the windows closed, especially at high speeds, attach additional weight to the rear of the car instead of the roof.

• More bling, more economy problems: New wheels look cool and can even help improve handling. However, if these are wider than the stock tyres, they'll create more rolling resistance and consequently, decrease fuel economy. If you upgrade your wheels and tyres, keep the old ones so that you are able to swap your newer ones out for a smoother ride and better economy during long road trips.

• Smooth operator: Motorists should aim to drive smoother, meaning less overtaking, using your right foot on the accelerator pedal more sparingly and stopping in a gentler manner to boost your vehicle’s fuel economy.

• Take care of your car and it will take care of you: Don’t skip service periods set out by the manufacturer, as this influences your car’s fuel consumption. Additionally, many components in your car impact fuel consumption and if they’re not working properly, you could be paying a hefty price. Everything from dirty oil and dirty air filters to dirty injectors, a faulty exhaust, worn spark plugs and low coolant levels can contribute to bad fuel efficiency, so make sure they all get a regular check-up.

• Phoning a friend to go 50/50: By joining a lift club, you will be able to save fuel and significantly reduce the wear and tear on your car. Moreover, it can also be a great stress reliever, giving you the freedom to relax while someone else is driving.

• Commute off peak to hit peak fuel efficiency: Try using flexi-time to try and commute outside of peak traffic periods. In addition, if you can avoid major congestion, do. It will end up saving you time, frustration and of course, fuel.

These tips should help you optimise the use of every drop of petrol or diesel that you fill your car up with, and ultimately assist in softening the impact of the most recent fuel hikes. Buyers already in the market for a new, affordable car that offers beautiful design, sporty handling and fuel efficiency, should be aware of a couple of great options to consider.

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