16 Juli 2020 | Gesellschaft

Keep that bloodsucker away

This creature habitually decides to attack its victims when they are at their most vulnerable – fast asleep in bed.

The mosquito is not just considered to be a pest, but is also the world’s deadliest insect, causing a million deaths each year because it is a major spreader of diseases like malaria, the Zika virus, West Nile virus, dengue fever and yellow fever.
There are over 3 500 different species of mosquitoes and they can drink up to three times their own body weight. While the male mosquitoes are vegetarians, the females will seek out blood from humans, which has protein and iron needed to produce eggs for reproduction.
Mosquitoes are attracted to the carbon dioxide exhaled by humans, and once they get close to their next target, they focus on other factors such as body odour and heat. They also have a tendency to be attracted to people with certain blood types (type O), pregnant women, as well as those of us that have consumed a beer.
Throughout history, humans have continuously strived to be one step ahead of these shrewd beings. Modern innovation has opened up a world of possibilities, one coming in the form of a paint that can repel mosquitos. It is designed for use on interior walls and ceilings in residential, public and commercial buildings, and is also available in a range of colours.
The paint’s active ingredient disables the nervous system in mosquitoes, preventing them from flying or biting their next victim. This ingredient has not been shown to be a danger to humans, either by physical contact or ingestion.
This product was awarded a five-year effectiveness certificate in 2019. Since it is not a locally produced paint, NEO Paints is currently in discussions with the supplier to source this technology. The company has also set their sights on further exciting projects in future and employed three young scientists in last year to assist them on this journey.
NEO Paints also recently received the distributions rights for Africa to sell TIXE decorative paint. It is manufactured in Italy and is ideal for feature walls and to create a unique “Italian” look.

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