12 Oktober 2020 | Tourismus

Experience the NTE differently in 2020!

Oh yes, we said that the Namibia Tourism Expo is bound to be different this year, and it WILL be different! While the COVID-19-pandemic might still be among us, let there be no doubt that we will manage its impact and in the process allow you to still take part in a magic event, where we bring together all role players of the industry, whether that be lodges, establishments or tour operators, or whether that be the suppliers and other secondary players.

The corona virus has speeded up change in Namibia and we are ready to mobilize those changes in order to turn a threat into an opportunity. Because there should be no doubt by now: Namibia with its wide and open space and rather low population density, is “exactly what the doctor has prescribed”. Namibia is ideal for tourists that want to minimize risk and yet experience tranquil Africa and the Namibia Tourism Expo is the ideal tool to spread that message!

As organiser of the NTE-2020, Namibia Media Holdings (NMH) will continue to support Namibia’s tourism industry. Not only by facilitating this travel expo and improving the existing platform, but more importantly to give exhibitors the opportunity to present their products live, while also networking with fellow exhibitors and obviously the visitors of the NTE-2020.

We will showcase ideas and establishments, whether that is from a supplier’s perspective or that of a community, conservancy or other tourist destination. NMH is bent on assisting to revive this ailing industry by placing your establishments back on the map. Technology will allow us to feed live experiences as they occur on participating exhibitors’ establishments at the Expo and thus allow you to share experiences and make up your mind as visitor, whether this is your preferred destination.

As part of the new developments we will host the event on the grounds of the Sport Club Windhoek (SKW) in Olympia. As Maggy Mbako, public relations officer of NMH, pointed out: “We are no longer just placing participants together in an unorganized manner. Exhibitors with common interests will be bundled, thus allowing visitors of the Expo to locate them more easily as suppliers, wineries and vehicle traders will each be placed in proximity to each other, so will tour operators, lodges, guest houses and accommodation establishments.

The newly devised Tourist of the Year competition as well as the Responsible Tourism Award (RTA) that has traditionally been awarded to tour operators and establishments that have proven their allegiance to environmentally sustainable tourism, will remain part of the show. In similar manner we will still host the Namibia Town of the Year competition and visitors will meet the bridal couple of the year. (Hint: Use the opportunity to promote your establishment as people keep on marrying.) The climax of the NTE-2020 will be the live show on Saturday evening, where we will host artists from Namibia and beyond.

Since the beginning of September NMH is giving away vouchers to the value of N$ 1 000 to readers and interested visitors. A person can only win one voucher, but that voucher entitles you as winner or visitor of the Expo, to book at an exhibitor’s establishment at a discount of N$ 1 000, because that will be the portion, that NMH will sponsor.

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