04 Dezember 2018 | Unfälle

Emed Rescue24 launches mobile panic App

Emed Rescue24 recently launched the new Emed Rescue 24 mobile application and thereby providing the public with fast access to medical assistance in the event of a medical emergency.

In his address, CEO of the Prosperity Group Bertus Struwig said that the App had been in the making for more than two years and after a lot of research and testing was now ready for the Namibian market. “We are extremely proud of this great innovation and are happy to share it with all Namibians. Even if you only have a one-bar connectivity, our Call Centre will get your panic and assist you with the services you require, be it for a road accident, heart attack or a stroke.” Bertus encouraged more private companies to find way and means for PPP’s, in order to work together with the Government of the Republic of Namibia in a variety of areas for the benefit of the country as a whole. “We hope that this App will be extended even further to include, for example, the Police service and our important tourism sector in the future.”

Eddie Bezuidenhout, Managing Director of Emed Rescue24 advised that in the event of a medical emergency, fast and professional medical services were often the determining factor in saving lives and the App made quick and easy response possible. Regarding Emed Rescue 24 Eddie shared some highlights of the past 15 years: “We started off with a general 24hour Call Centre, one road Ambulance and one air Ambulance in Windhoek. Over the years we have developed and upgraded the Call Centre Systems to identify members quicker; included a Medical Trauma Surgeon to the team for emergency guidance and assistance; positioned road Ambulances across Namibia at the most strategic and high-risk places for quicker response times; started Fist Aid training to enable people to help one another whiles we are on the way to their rescue and introduced the EMed Medical Bracelet which can identify you and talk for you. And today we have come a long way to introduce you to the Mobile Emergency app which can identify you, your next of kin as well as your position of emergency by pressing the panic button on your phone.”

Honourable Deputy Minister of Health and Social Services, Juliet Kavetuna congratulated Emed Rescue 24 and the Prosperity Group on the launch of this mobile panic App and advised that she had downloaded it while at the event that morning. “All over the world – in developing and developed countries - the private sector plays an increasingly important role in producing goods and providing services that were one considered the responsibility of a government. As is the case in many other countries, we also do not have enough budgetary resources to extend services and infrastructure or to subsidise inefficient state enterprises. We know that forming public-private partnerships or granting private companies the necessary licences and support to venture into new territory is a win-win for the citizens of the country and government.” She assured invited guests, that her ministry and Government were committed and would do everything in their power to ensure that the App was a success and that as many Namibians as possible would be able to make use of it.

Emed Rescue also introduced their new mascot, a cheetah by the name of Cataflam, who will assist in spreading the message of the App and its medical assistance at the touch of a button to all Namibians.


The app will be in a form of a panic button on your phone and the app contains the following features:Available to all smart phone users;Cab be downloaded from Google Play or the Apple App Store;Can be used when someone needs emergency medical assistance.The App pre-registration process enables the emergency call centre to have access to all your key information and access to your location, which means the medical personnel will be able to reach you faster;It talks for you when you can’t, by just pressing the panic button;Accessibility is in all major towns; andThe App will be available to all members of participating medical aid funds or participating medical insurance.

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