08 November 2021 | Gesundheit

E.M.A Rescue Services aided with new vehicle

EMA Rescue Service, is a non-profit organisation that assists in Emergency Medical Services to Namibians.

Claudia Starzacher-Dennis, Marketing Manager of Pupkewitz Haval | GWM -“We are extremely privileged and proud to be part of such a project and are glad we could contribute to their efforts to help less privileged Namibians. Together we can make a difference."Pg 6 MWStaff reporter

On 22 October 2021 E.M.A. Rescue Service received a new Emergency & Rescue Response Vehicle, which will be used to serve the public and assist everyone in case of an emergency, no matter if the patient has medical aid or not.

The Rescue Vehicle was donated by OSH-Med international with some financial assistance from Pupkewitz Haval | GWM.

Pupkewitz Haval | GWM has also sponsored fuel to the value of N$ 8 000.

Wheeling and healing

The vehicle will serve the purpose to be there for all residents of Windhoek as well as for academic and training purposes for young medical staff under the leadership of experienced Advanced Life Support Paramedics.

The Rescue Vehicle is a Haval H9 4x4, which boasts excellent all-terrain capabilities and a powerful 180kW engine. The Haval H9 will be used for rescues and extractions of patients in difficult to reach areas where our normal ambulances are unable to drive.

Helping hand

EMA Rescue Service is a nonprofit organisation and committed Emergency & Recue Service, whose offering is currently one of its kind in Namibia as they assist anyone in need, regardless of medical aid coverage.

With the motto “There when you need us”, the organization was founded in 2019. On the 1 November 2019, the first ambulance was put into operation and has since assisted nearly 2 000 patients, of which over 90% did not have medical aid or could not afford a private ambulance service.

“Every member of our team, including those serving on our organisation’s board are volunteers and have committed their time to assisting those in need,” said Fabian Martens, the Chairman of E.M.A.

“We are proud of what we have achieved so far, but to achieve more, we depend on donations from companies like OSH-Med International & Pupkewitz Haval | GWM, so we would like to express our sincere gratitude for their support,” he added.

At the handover ceremony, the Service Director of OSH-Med international, Melody Shehama commended E.M.A for their dedication to helping patients who have limited options in an emergency.

“To assist the public through important organisations like E.M.A. is a great honour. We know the big impact to the community that E.M.A. has made and therefore we support the efforts of this noble non-profit organisation.”

Claudia Starzacher-Dennis, Marketing Manager of Pupkewitz Haval | GWM echoed these sentiments.

“We are extremely privileged and proud to be part of such a project and are glad we could contribute to their efforts to help less privileged Namibians. Together we can make a difference. As a Company, we care to serve Namibia,” she said.

“A major challenge is to keep everything running for our patients. Our plea as a Non-Profit Organisation is to urge individuals and companies, to follow the sample of OSH-Med and Pupkewitz Motors and become a supporter of our Organisation, the E.M.A,” said Martens.

In case of an emergency, E.M.A. Rescue Service is available 24/7 via the E.M.A. Emergency Control Centre with the emergency call number 085 9112.

“Our aim is, to assist countrywide with ambulances, especially in areas where the emergency services are needed,” Martens added.

Get involved

Among other socially-responsible corporate citizens, Vivo Energy Namibia is one of their bigger sponsors, and support them with diesel for their ambulances.

Members of the public can also become supporters, by contributing N$950 per annum, with amounts to the average cost of an emergency.

If companies or private persons want to become a supporter of EMA Rescue Service, they can contact EMA via 061-302 931, or email [email protected]

For more information, visit their website at www.ema-organisation.pro.

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