10 Mai 2019 | Gesellschaft

Debmarine's drilling gem

Having been an employee at Debmarine for 17 years, Bruce Murorua has been a great addition to the team and is always on top of his game.

Ester Kamati

Bruce Murorua was born in Fransfontein in the Kunene Region.

He started off as a trainee driller at Debmarine and then had to complete his in-house and external training before being promoted to the position of production driller in 2004.

He continued his hard work and dedication in all the tasks assigned to him along the way, until he was eventually promoted to his current position as senior driller in 2007.

During Murorua's journey at Debmarine, he had the opportunity to work with three mining vessels, namely Debmar Pacific, Grand Banks and !Gariep, which he describes as a privilege.

His role as the senior driller is to supervise all mining and drilling operations and related activities, on board. Furthermore, ensuring optimal availability and utilisation of equipment, as well as manpower, is a duty that rests on his shoulders. His job includes training of all the other drillers and updating planned maintenance control systems.

He ensures that drill spares are readily available and also promotes company policies and procedures related to health, safety and environmental issues.

He described the fact that he has to be away from his family as one of his greatest challenges, but said that the number of years he has been in the industry has forced him to strike a balance between his off-time and being at sea.

He said moving up from simply being a trainee to holding a supervisory position is his greatest achievement when it comes to his career. The driller said his family is his main inspiration, despite the tests that come with the ever-changing marine environment and adapting to these changes.

He advises youth to explore the opportunities that come with joining the marine diamond mining industry. He further described Debmarine as a very stable company with plenty of training and personnel development opportunities for anybody who might be thinking of one day joining the team.

“You have to be passionate and dedicated,” he advised, adding that the sky is the limit for any goals that one may want to achieve.

This early bird starts his working day at 04:00, with control room duties being his first task of the day. He then has breakfast at 08:00, followed by daily administration and supervisory duties. When he gets time off from work, he spends it at the gym, when he is not watching television or socialising with his colleagues.

Despite all his achievements thus far, Murorua has future plans to pursue a career in horizontal mining on the MV Mafuta, which is one of Debmarine's vessels. Even while working at sea, the sky is still the only limit for this man, as he continues to prove he is a force to be reckoned with in the mining industry.

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