27 September 2021 | Finanzen

‘Agribank must be more visible in Omaheke’

Omaheke regional governor Pijoo Nganate on Friday asked Agribank to extend its visibility in other constituencies of the region via its outreach programmes.

Nganate made these remarks in a statement read on his behalf by Omaheke acting chief regional officer, Ephat Tjijenda, in Gobabis during the inauguration ceremony of Agribank’s new branch.

The newly opened branch has been moved to the central business area of the town following its long operational activities from the outskirt of the town and as a demand by Agribank Gobabis branch management and the community to relocate their office closer to the people in the town.

Nganate said the transformation process of improving access to services by relocating the office enhances access to information to the residents at all times and also reflects a sense of care to their customers.


“In our understanding and self-introspection, Omaheke region has a competitive advantage in the sense that the region is of those with a lion share in the livestock sector by not only looking into the domination of agriculture as employer but also the number of livestock in the production area and that are circulating in the market on a monthly basis,” he said.

He stated that farmers in the region required to be given an excellent and deserving service by Agribank.

In his eyes, services to be expanded by the bank amongst others are loans and the bank should close the gap in wealth and properties creation and introduce loans for youth and women in the agricultural sector.

According to Nganate, the bank should entice beneficiaries of loans with untapped opportunities in the region such as venturing in product development that will substitute imports of goods and services and assist entrepreneurs in diversifying the regional economy. - Nampa

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‘Agribank must be more visible in Omaheke’

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Omaheke regional governor Pijoo Nganate on Friday asked Agribank to extend its visibility in other constituencies of the region via its outreach programmes.Nganate made these...

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