Bernadette Klein
Bernadette Klein

Alexforbes welcomes new senior consultant

Leading while learning
Wetumwene Shikage
Bernadette Klein, a newly appointed senior consultant at Alexforbes Namibia, shares her journey that led her to landing a job at Alexforbes.

Klein began working at Alexforbes in 2002, which sparked her interest in the pension industry.

Not only does she bring experience, mainly from the actuarial field, but she has also previously worked as an accountant and an investment consultant. Currently, she is a retirement consultant.

Intrigued by the Alexforbes brand and what it encapsulates, Klein instantly wanted to be a part of the team.

As a senior consultant, Klein manages a team of consultants and a portfolio of pension fund clients.

Her other responsibilities also include advice, governance, strategy, client acquisition and retention, and overall financial performance of the portfolio.

New start

She recalls a "whirlwind of induction, paperwork, getting to know the team, learning the processes within the company, and getting a feel for the Alexforbes culture and approach" after she joined the team.

Klein continues to embrace her new role.

As she enters her second week in this position, Klein is looking forward to carrying out her assigned tasks with confidence and enthusiasm and also leading others to do the same.

One of the most rewarding aspects of her work includes the privilege of managing, guiding, and developing the incredibly bright young graduates she works with.


Klein says she would love to see advances in analytics and technology, together with improved insights, used to achieve better retirement outcomes for members.

"I think that is our collective challenge as an industry," she said.

Klein believes that success is measured by the number of times she meets and exceeds the expectations of everyone she works with. "If that success rate is lower than I would like, it is a sign that I need to improve my knowledge base, qualifications, attitude, or work rate," she said.

Seeking to keep learning and growing, Klein says this is a company where individuals put their own stamp on their respective roles while still embodying the company ethos. "I am happy to bring my experience, perspective, and values to my new role and the company as a whole," she says.

Don’t be afraid

She says young people wishing to climb high on their career ladders should not be afraid to ask difficult questions of those who are accountable, including political leaders, business leaders, thought leaders, teachers and mentors.

"Never blindly accept the narrative; do your own research and make sure you understand the important things in life. We need smart, engaged young people who are able to think for themselves, not merely regurgitate what they see in textbooks. The most accomplished people didn’t learn their most important lessons from books, they learnt by doing and failing and re-doing," she says.


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