26 Juli 2021 | Tourismus

Dominant Land Rover Defender

Powerful, capable, comfortable

Luxury and shiny fittings accessorise a hard-bodied warrior bred to break through barriers.

Augetto Graig

When Land Rover says that the Defender is their most capable production vehicle yet, those in the know sit up and listen. Ever since the first Land Rover vehicle was thought up in 1947, the brand has been evolving, developing, growing and changing, into this.

Test-driving the Land Rover Defender 110 X-Dynamic HSE D300, thanks to the good people at Land Rover Windhoek, was an incredible experience. The Defender is the vehicle selected to protect a proud tradition of go anywhere, do anything, that has been married with the ultimate in luxury, comfort and thoughtful design.

Space, convenience and versatility are characteristic of the sumptuous interior of this vehicle. According to the manufacturers the Robustec ribbon accenting on the seats is incredibly durable, and with its illuminated metal treadplates the X-Dynamic is always ready for anything.

Everything about the Defender says tough, capable but also comfortable. Like the proverbial flawless white stallion carrying to the spotless knight in shining armour, this automobile is made to sweep you off your feet and transport you away from your mundane everyday life. Getting into the Defender is like getting up onto your throne.

Defender drivers can’t help but look down on the plebeians sharing the city roads with them. Interior configuration comes standard with the simplicity of a throne-room, where royalty sits and demands while the Defender effortlessly meets those demands. The Pivi Pro* is Land Rover’s own seamless in-car infotainment system, enabling the accomplishment of 80% of tasks with one or two touches, all from the home screen. The intuitive 10” touchscreen is complimented by voice controls, and you can connect your smartphone at enjoy compatible apps as well.

Meridian Audio provides a sound experience that makes the most of your chosen soundtrack, as you unleash your Defender on any bush-path that takes your fancy. The standard 3D surround camera system provides ClearSight ground view that allows the driver to see right through the bonnet, by displaying the front underside of the vehicle on the touchscreen for a view that would not otherwise be visible. The same system supplements the rear view mirror with a live video feed front the rear cameras, replacing the view that might be blocked by piles of luggage in the vast cabin interior.

Advanced technologies and driver asstance features are cramed into the Defender, but placed to encourage the driver to relax. According to the manufacturer, the more use you make of the various features, the more you will find that they do not take over your drive, but simply help take the stress out of it. A comprehensive six airbag system, emergency braking preceded by an imminent collision warning, cruise control and speed limiter, lane keep assist and driver condition monitoring capable of detecting drowsiness, are examples.

Blind spot assist is particularly useful in heavy traffic, automatically warning if the way is clear to exit your lane, while the rear traffic monitor tells you if pedestrians or other hazards are impediments to reversing. All this helps to ensure you can get out there where the others cannot follow, and where the compelling performance that the Defender can muster, on and off the road, comes into its own.

The D-300 six cylinder diesel features Land Rover’s intelligent all wheel drive system, which intuitively controls torque distribution between front and rear axles, and can take all the power available to a single set of wheels, for optimum grip when the other set loses traction. Variable torque distribution brings precise dynamic on-road performance, and higher torque capacity, without giving up any of the Defender’s impressive off-road capabilities. Additional lower gears are invaluable for steep inclines or when towing.

The awe-inspiring Defender 110 X-Dynamic HSE D300 can be yours for about N$1 680 000 from Land Rover Windhoek, where a variety of other models are waiting to temp the discerning driver who wouldn’t even consider settling for less.