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Make up Artist

Make-up artist

Zawady Tjijombo
Zawady Tjijombo is a young, vivacious and driven black woman. Motivated by purpose and guided by humility. She embarked on my makeup journey in the year 2020. She was drawn to makeup, and she strongly believes that make-up spoke to her. Her challenges as a make-up artist are that so many individuals do not like to try out new makeup artist as they do not like being used as a guinea pig however there are those occasional risk takers that are willing to help support upcoming makeup artist. What she enjoys most about being a makeup artist is the reactions from her clients after the transformation has been done. Her message to aspire makeup artist would be just go for it, you’ll stumble, you’ll fall but that’s life. Some people will doubt you. You’ll go months without clients but eventually that too, shall pass. Just start now.


Allgemeine Zeitung 2023-06-07

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