DR Josephine Amesho
DR Josephine Amesho

Doctor / GP

Dr Josephine Amesho
Dr Josephine Amesho is a General Practitioner (GP) who attends to everyday health complaints, giving primary healthcare to the general population. For Dr Amesho, being a GP means performing her duties as a doctor to the best of her abilities as she was trained, and it means being a safe space where families can receive healthcare solutions to their satisfaction.
To Dr Amesho, compassion is one of greatest qualities every doctor should have, as it allows you to put yourself in your patient’s shoes and gives you the drive to do everything you can, to provide the required healthcare solution. “Other qualities such as integrity and confidentiality are needless to mention, as those are mandatory in any career, more so in medical doctors,” she adds. Dr Amesho loves what she does because of the ability to assuage patients’ anxiety about their health concerns and to improve their lives.


Allgemeine Zeitung 2023-06-07

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